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Reviews (5)
  • SA****DI
    I don't wear this to look better in my clothes, but I wear it as much as possible just to make me sweat! Also, I do yoga in my living room & most times I do my own cardio while wearing this. I wear it while I'm eating & it helps me feel full faster. People put too many expectations on these types of products. It helps me a lot & it reminds me of my weight/exercise goals.
    I'm 5' 3 wear 44DDD & weigh in the 200 lbs. Just to be safe I ordered a 3X. The 1st time I put it on 2 of my fingers were bleeding! It's tough to get it on, but once you do you feel amazing! It has 3 rows of eye-hooks like a bra & I've already gone to the tightest one! In 8 weeks I've lost 18.5 lbs!
  • Ne****on
    I was moderately excited when I opened the package only to be disappointed that it appeared I probably ordered the wrong size. It looked tiny and I am not. I decided to try it anyway, after all, I did measure myself and purchased the XL based on those measurements.... and surprise, there is just enough stretch in it for me to attach the hooks and zip it up and the body was I pleased!
    It holds my flabby gut in, but I had to also put a belt on when I pulled my jeans up. I've been working on losing weight and bought a size smaller pants and when wearing this corset I also have to wear a belt with the smaller pant size!
    That's not even the best part.
    The corset works to lift my breasts and flatten my stomach so I look and feel more feminine and prevents muffin top which is amazing and one of my biggest pet peeves with women's jeans. I'm a nurse and recently bought new scrubs. I wear a 38DDD bra and have to buy XL tops to fit them. Now because of this corset, my waist looks so small in my scrub tops that they look sloppy and I'm happily paying my sister to take them in from the waist down. And I love the feel of the material against my skin. I'm actually looking forward to shopping for clothes for the first time in a long time.
    That's not even the best part.
    After working 8 years in long-term care as a nurse my back is not in the best of shape. I often go to the chiropractor to have my spine adjusted to reduce the pain. I wore this corset to work. Not only was it comfortable, but the back support is the absolute best part. I expected to want to tear this off as soon as I got off work. I didn't. I wore it until I got ready for bed and I had no back pain the whole day.
  • B****a
    Okay, so I am 5’4” and 170 but I carry it pretty well. I typically wear a large but occasionally wear a medium and I bought a medium, and when I got it and started putting it on I thought “no way this is going to fit” but because it all the little clasps I was able to get in on with a little effort. Holy cow! Not only does it make me look amazing, but you cannot tell I’m wearing it at all! It’s pretty tight though so I don’t know if I would wear it out and about like under a dress or topic bought it to exercise in- if you DO plan on wearing it out for extended periods of time I would suggest getting your regular T-shirt size and NOT going a size smaller. I should also mention that the quality of this thing is far better than any other I have boughten from department stores too with was unexpected because of the price. I would absolutely recommend it!
  • iL****op
    This is the second product that I have purchased with the seller. The quality of the Shapewear is very breathable and doesn't show under clothes. I like the idea of the vest as a waist trainer, especially when the straps are small like bra straps, and not thick like other vest waist trainers. I am 5'9 255lbs and ordered a 3xl. When I first got it I could only fasten it on the first hook so I waited a couple of days to try to see if I go to the 3rd hook, and I did. I like the idea of the zip really sucks you in more. I wear it every day, but I think I am going to use this one to exercise in and order a smaller size for everyday wear. Trust me, it is very comfortable, and doesn't roll nor does the wire stick you in the side.
  • Ch****na
    I love this waist trainer. I'm normally a large and that's what I order (5'8 and 170lbs). I wanted it to help thin my waist while I work out. However, the large doesn't fit as tightly as I thought it would. So I plan on getting the medium. I know people said don't size down. But if you plan to use it to help lose weight and not just look skinny then do size down.