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Reviews (4)
  • S****n
    I’ve been wearing this vest 5 days a week, run about 4 miles a day. Makes you sweat like a beast! Right through my shirt and sweater! However, the photos shown where someone lost inches and pounds in 2-3 weeks isn’t really true. I’ve worked out for 4 weeks straight and went on a 750 calorie diet cutting carbs and only water. My skin has gotten tighter, but haven’t lost inches on my waist. Great product but misleading photos. Back to the workout though!
  • E****o
    I bought this for my husband and he really likes it.
    it fits him well he is 5”9 around 190 pounds and a large extra large fit really good on him he said it did really good job of making you sweat.
    overall he is happy with the purchase and so am I
  • Ch****in
    Omg. This is the real deal. This is a real sauna vest. Better than the original sauna suit but this right here is so real. I workout in my garage. I try this sauna vest on and I put a shirt over the sauna vest. I did a 20 to 25 mins body weight workout. I finish my workout. I did a sweat check and it was dripping. I recommend y’all to purchase this sauna vest and wear it while you workout. I understand we don’t have time to workout Or go to a gym and we are busy. I can relate to that cuz I work a 12 hour shift at Amazon fulfillment center locate at Houston Texas and I find a way To workout. All you need is a 20 min full body workout. Either if you have weights or no weights. It don’t matter. Working out for 20 mins is the best workout.
  • L****e
    I am 5 '2 and a 36C waist 34. I LOVE THIS TANK! SMALL. All I wanted was a Normal tank, but they all seem to have the Boobs area open to show sport's bra. So I decided to go for the Mens options. SO GLAD I DID. NO REGRETS. The quality is like no other product on the market and priced right.